Mens Sterling Silver Jewelry 7.94 ct Fire Agate Gemstone Nugget Ring size 8 3/4

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Sterling Silver Mens Fire Agate Ring! This Gem Fire Agate is from the Aguascalientes area in Mexico.

The setting is a nugget textured side Sterling Silver casting with a hand made Sterling Silver bezel and trim attached to the top!
Predominately bright Orange,Red, Gold, Yellow, Copper, Green and traces of Blue/GreenFire. This is a beauty! Great fire even in dim light!

We use sunlight as well as Incandescent and Florescent lights to capture the gem in conditions you are likely to encounter.

Hallmarked Sterling and "W" Ring Size 8 3/4 (could be stretched ½ to 1 size at no charge)
We size our Large Sterling Silver castings in the wax model so the casting is solid, one piece, with no sizing joint.

Made by S David in Tucson, AZ. USA Be sure to look at all the pictures.

Fire Agate is 7.94 cts Total Weight is over 12.4 Grams Finished (Includes stone). Top of setting is approx 18 mm long and over 16 mm wide.


For size reference we usually include US. coins. A Silver Dollar is approx. 37.5mm in diameter (Just under 1 ½ “) A penny is just under 19 MM approx. ¾” { A Quarter is approx 24 MM or 15/16" }




Please notify us through eBay messaging if you wish the size to be changed before purchasing and paying for the item. There are some limitations to sizing or stretching, and the item will not be returnable for a refund after we alter it. Images copied from eBay: $(KGrHqNHJBkEOMofz8PBQK0OYZnbQ~~60_3_1958_5.JPG, $(KGrHqRHJEsETk,gBEwBQK0OcYTgQ~~60_3_1958_6.JPG, $T2eC16VHJHYE9nzpeDFwBQK0OmYYg~~60_3_1958_7.JPG, $(KGrHqRHJC4F!ltZtD0BQK0PD!htw~~60_3_1958_8.JPG, $T2eC16ZHJHwE9n8ii1UeBQK0O))f0g~~60_3_1958_9.JPG, $T2eC16NHJGoE9nuQeSkFBQK0O4203Q~~60_3_1958_10.JPG


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