New Fire Agate Sterling Silver Mens Size 14 1/2 Ring by Navajo Russell Sam

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Product Overview

New Sterling Silver Mens Ring with Fire Agate made by Native American Navajo Artist Russell Sam

The setting is a Sterling Silver Casting with the setting added on top

The Natural Fire Agate gemstone is from the Aguascalientes area in Mexico.

This Fire Agate has Green, Gold and Cooper fire in some areas

There is a pocket of fire in the center on this gem it is beautiful and instense at some angles, and less visible at other angles

Russell uses traditional casting techniques, forming methods and
individually sizes his rings. His jewelry is hand made and will show evidence of tool marks, scratches, pits and other small flaws in the castings and stones

Please look at all of the pictures as we use high resolution images that should capture the small details of the item that you will receive.

Ring Size 14 1/2
This is a wide ring and will usually fit significantly tighter (OFTEN 1/4 TO 1/2 SIZE) than a thin band of the same size. We size using the leading edge/actual inner MM diameter sizing method.

Total Weight is Approx. over 17.1 Grams

Top of ring is approximately 22 mm long (along the finger)

Fire Agate setting is approx. 19 mm long and 11 mm wide

Hallmarked: Russell Sam Sterling

Our pieces are new, current or recent production, and due to the current silver market there is very little margin to discount from our low "value" prices. 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review