New Sterling Silver Jet Jasper Micro Inlay Pendant Navajo Artist Clayton Tom

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New Sterling Silver Headdress Micro Inlay Night Sky Pendant by Native American Navajo Artist Clayton Tom
Inlay work contains   Jet, Coral, Japser, Mother of Pearl, Created Opal* and Silver 
*Created Opal is man made
Pendant is approx. just under 120 MM tall 4 3/4 "(including the bail) and 48 MM wide 
Total weight is approx. 39.5 grams.
Stamped With Hallmarks:  "Sterling" and "Clayton Tom"  LT
Our Native American pieces are new, current or recent production, and due to the current silver and Gemstone markets, there is very little margin to discount from our low everyday prices.
I have seen many online Clayton Tom listings claiming the black gem material is jade or onyx, every piece we have bought from various Navajo artists over the years, the black material is Jet from near Acoma, New Mexico, not Jade or onyx 
This jet take an excellent polish and does resemble the harder materials, but under a microscope the jet shows grain and cell structure from its origins as wood turned by mother nature into jet, which is a harder close relative of Coal; it can be easily scratched or etched with a steel tool. Jet is used my many Native American artists

For size reference we usually include US. coins and currency A Dime is approx. 17.5 MM or 11/16"  A penny is just under 19 MM approx. ¾”"  A Quarter is approx. 24 MM or 15/16"   
A Silver Dollar is approx. 37.5 mm in diameter (Just under 1 ½ “) A half dollar is just over 30 mm or just under 1 ¼
A Nickel is 21 mm

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review