Turquoise Sterling Silver MOP Jet Inlay Sunface Bolo Tie Zuni Delger Cellicion

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New Solid Sterling Silver Zuni SunFace Sun God Bolo Tie with Turquoise, Mother of Pearl, Coral and Jet inlay by Native American Zuni Artist Delger Cellicion

The intricate inlay illustrates Delger's magnificent craftsmanship. A variety of gem materials superbly matched sky-blue Turquoise, Mother of Pearl, Mediterranean Coral and Jet. 
This jewelry is hand crafted using traditional  forming methods and individually sized and will show evidence of tool marks or small flaws and imperfections in the gems or workmanship

Please look at all of the pictures as we use high resolution images that should capture the small details of the item that you will receive.

The main setting measures approximately 88 mm (3 3/4") tall x 95 mm wide. (under 4")

The leather bolo cord measures approximately 40 inches including the tips.

Etched with his hallmark : "D Cellicion" 
Total weight is approx. over 103 grams

For size reference we usually include US. Coins and currency A Dime is approx. 17.5 MM or 11/16" A Silver Dollar is approx. 37.5 MM in diameter (Just under 1 ½ “) A penny is just under 19 MM approx. ¾” (A Quarter is approx. 24 MM or 15/16" ) A half dollar is just over 30 MM or just under 1 ¼” A Nickel is approx. 21 MM

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review