Bisbee Turquoise Ladies Sterling Silver Ring Navajo Robert Shakey Size 4 1/4

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New Ladies Ring Sterling Silver Bisbee Arizona Turquoise made by Robert Shakey Native American Navajo Artist
The setting is a Sterling Silver trenched band with hand made trim on top.

This ring has the heavy silver beads on the sides, and might cause some finger discomfort for everyday wearing, please look at the pictures 


This Turquoise is Natural and comes from the famous Bisbee mine in Arizona.

The "Lavender Pit" mine is known worldwide for its size and the host rock does have a natural Red/Brown or some say lavender color; most Bisbee turquoise formed in and near this same host limestone material

The lavender name is so appropriate but is actually referencing and named for a Phelps Dodge executive from when the mine was fully operational.
(the mine closed in the 1970's)


Robert uses traditional casting techniques, forming methods and individually sizes his rings. His jewelry is hand crafted and will show evidence of tool marks, scratches, sizing, pits and other small flaws in the castings.
Please look at all of the pictures as we use high resolution images that should capture the small details of the item that you will receive.


The turquoise is from Bisbee mine in Arizona. 2.55 carats  

This gemstone is NOT stabilized or treated, only mined, backed carved and polished
Natural Bisbee turquoise gemstones such as this piece are extremely rare and collectable

The turquoise is cut following the natural contours of the raw nugget or vein; some dips and irregularities are intentionally created or left.

Total Weight is Approx. 10 Grams. 
The top of ring is approx 11 mm long x 9 mm wide
Ring Size 4 1/4

For size reference we usually include US. coins. A Dime is approx. 17.5 MM or 11/16" A penny is just under 19 MM approx. ¾”"
A Quarter is approx. 24 MM or 15/16" A Silver Dollar is approx. 37.5 mm in diameter (Just under 1 ½ “) A half dollar is just over 30 mm or just under 1 ¼ A Nickel is 21 mm
AO.s.s (EO) JYJ.acc


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