New Fire Agate & Sterling Silver Bracelet Navajo Artist Emer Thompson

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New Sterling Silver Fire Agate "Phoenix" design Bracelet made by Native American Navajo Artist Emer Thompson
The Natural Fire Agate is from the Aguascalientes area in Mexico
Predominantly Gold, Green, Copper and orange fire
The Bracelet measures 5 1/2" on the inside with a 1 " gap.
The setting (fire Agate) is Approx. 23MM long and 13 MM wide
The widest part of the bracelet is Approx. 24 MM

This jewelry is hand crafted and will show evidence of tool marks or small flaws, pits, etc. in the stones or the silver work

This is the smaller version of this design 
Total Weight Approx. 25.7 g

Our Native American pieces are new, current or recent production, and due to the current silver and gem markets,
there is very little margin to discount from our low "value" prices.

For size reference we usually include US. Coins and currency A Dime is approx. 17.5 MM or 11/16"  A Silver Dollar is approx. 37.5 MM in diameter (Just under 1 ½ “) A penny is just under 19 MM approx. ¾” (A Quarter is approx. 24 MM or 15/16" ) A half dollar is just over 30 MM or just under 1 ¼” A Nickel is approx. 21 MM 




(No reviews yet) Write a Review