New Sterling Silver Bracelet Needlepoint Turquoise Navajo Artist Charlie John

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New Turquoise & Sterling Silver Bracelet by Native American Navajo Artist Charlie John
This  Bracelet has a bold appearance, but it is NOT heavy
This bracelet weighs Approx. over 48.5 grams.

Sterling Silver set with 53  Sky Blue Turquoise  gemstones. one is Round the others are Needlepoint   

This piece cannot be sized or reshaped 

Native American jewelry such as this piece is hand made and will show evidence of tool marks, scratches, pits and other small flaws in the silver and stones.

Please look at all of the pictures as we use high resolution images that should capture the small details of the item that you will receive.

The Bracelet measures 5 3/8" on the inside with a 1 1/4" gap. The width is Approximately 39 mm (just over 1 1/2")
tapering down to the ends Approx.  30 MM  (just under 1 1/4")

Stamped With Hallmark:    "CJ"

Our pieces are new, current or recent production, and due to the current silver & turquoise market, there is very little margin to discount from our low everyday prices.

For size reference we usually include US. coins. A Dime is approx. 17.5 MM or 11/16"  A penny is just under 19 MM approx. ¾”"  A Quarter is approx. 24 MM or 15/16" A Silver Dollar is approx. 37.5 mm in diameter (Just under 1 ½ “) A half dollar is just over 30 mm or just under 1 ¼
A Nickel is 21 mm

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review